Golosi Dog Complet all breeds - 3 Kg

Golosi Dog Complet all breeds - 3 Kg

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Complet all breeds

Complete pet food with chicken, beef, fish and rice for adult dogs from 12 months old

Golosi Complete is a specific dog food for adult dogs of any size. Good nutrition can contribute to the maintenance of good physical condition. Chicken meat and fish are light on the dog’s digestive tract while the beef gives the food great taste. To ensure correct motility, beet pulp has been added to nourish intestinal cells. The complete integration of vitamins and minerals helps the organism to limit oxidation processes. Tasty food for total wellness. 


A source of proanthocyanidins, an antioxidant that supports the immune system and prevents the cell ageing.


A source of oleuropein, polyphenol with an antioxidant action that helps promote cardiovascular health.


A source of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), which combat inflammation of the joints and help the regeneration of connective tissue

Complete pet food with chicken, beef, fish and rice for adult dogs from 12 months old

Ingredients: Meat and derivatives (12% chicken, 12% beef), cereals (4% rice), fish and fish derivatives (8% fish meal), oils and fats (6.3% poultry fat, 0.5% salmon oil), derivatives of vegetable origin (1% sugar beet pulp, 0.1% chicory inulin - FOS), yeasts (0.5% beer yeast), 0.01% glucosamine, 0.01% chondroitin sulphate, shellfish (0.005% green lipped mussel powder - Perna canaliculus).

Analytical components: 27.0% protein, 14.5% fat content, 3.0% crude fibre, 8.6% inorganic matter, 1.35% calcium, 1,00% phosphorus, 0.18% sodium, 0.40% chloride, 0.60% potassium, 0.11% magnesium, 0.30% omega-3 fatty acids, 2.40% omega-6 fatty acids.

Additives (kg): Nutritional additives: 18,000IU vitamin A, 1,140 IU vitamin D3, 150mg vitamin E (3a700), 4.80mg vitamin B1, 9.60mg vitamin B2, 16.20mg calcium D-pantothenate, 4.80mg vitamin B6 (3a831), 0.07mg vitamin B12, 0.12mg biotin, 0.48mg folic acid (3a316), 1,155mg choline chloride (3a890), 30.00mg L-carnitine, 38.40mg cupric sulphate, pentahydrate, 200mg ferrous sulphate, monohydrate, 1.85mg calcium iodate, anhydrous, 200mg zinc oxide, 37.50mg manganous sulphate, 52.17mg selenium (3b8.10).Organoleptic additives: 100mg olive extract, 100mg grape seed extract. Antioxidants.

Calcium/phosphorus ratio 1.4 

No preservatives and colorings added

Packs: 3 kg